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Welcome To ESCCC Missions!

We believe strongly in the importance of being an effective channel of God’s blessings to the preaching of the Gospel and extending His Kingdom. We’ve put this into action by forming and maintaining partnerships with people or organizations that meet our church’s mission objectives. We encourage our church members to actively participate in mission work, either through financial giving, prayer as well as direct involvement in short term mission opportunities when available.

Mission Partners

For Better Life Foundation
(FBLF) →
Local Leaders International - ESCCC

Local Leaders International
(LLI) →

Open Doors - ESCCC
Open Doors →
Poons (OMF) - ESCCC
The Poons (OMF Taiwan) →

Prayer Meetings & Events

Join us to pray for our mission partners and keep up with upcoming events with our partners. View prayer newsletters in the individual mission partner pages above.


If you wish to support our mission partners, please give via the details below. If you would like to contribute to a specific partner, please state the name of the partner in your transaction.


Account Name: Mission Partnership
BSB Number: 032-060
Account Number: 495-304

Mission Partner Videos