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About For Better Life Foundation (FBLF)

Main Outreach Focus:
Welfare and justice



Supporting tribal children in homes and schools, and pastoring them in local churches (Chang Mai, Thailand)


More about FBLF:

In 2017, the committee considered adding another partner. Alan and Jolie who worshipped at our church have been supporting FBLF to establish Maitrijeet Christian School (MCS). Students at MCS are mainly from the tribal minority although there is an increasing number of local Thais. MCS provides a Thai syllabus education in a Christian environment. FBLF also operates a number of ministries, for example, prison ministry outreach, children’s home, a radio ministry. FBLF is the legal structure for Creator Church, located at Chiang Mai. The leaders are Rev Buakab and Rev Kumpee.In 2019, ESCCC brought its first short-term mission team to visit FBLF at Chiang Mai and also donated AUD22,500 (the major donation went to support MCS). The visit affirmed and established relationships with the senior leaders and enabled us to witness the care they have for their communities in making disciples.


Our Financial Commitment:

Sponsoring financially and volunteering time in the mission areas above.

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