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The problem of evil is one unique to Jews and Christians. They must reconcile that an all-good, all-knowing and all-powerful God reigns over a world with evil in it, and has committed to judge those who commit evil upon it while insisting that no evil may be charged against God himself.

Other worldviews resolve this paradox by denying that evil is a problem (either by denying it exists, or providing some possible justification for it). Or  some attribute of God or gods is changed, in order that such beings or forces are not all-good, all-knowing or all-powerful.

For the faithful Jew or Christian, the paradox of their faith is expressed by the prophet Habakkuk:

How long, Lord, must I call for help,
    but you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, “Violence!”
    but you do not save?
 Why do you make me look at injustice?
    Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?
          Habakkuk 1:2-3

In April and May 2022, we will begin to explore the problem of evil and how we may be tempted to change God or deny the problem. We will explore the interaction of divine sovereignty and free will, and reflect on how to confront the perplexing problem of evil by faithfully wrestling with our good God.

Amidst this, we will reflect at Easter time how God worked the greatest possible good out of the greatest possible evil, when the Son of God was crucified to bear the sins of the whole world

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