The Poons (OMF Taiwan)

About The Poons (OMF Taiwan)

Main Outreach Focus:
Evangelism to the people of Taiwan


The fact is that less than 1% of Taiwan’s 16 million working-class people know Jesus. The majority of the people steeped in their own religious practices (e.g. multiple god, temples, god-shelves). We want to help plant working-class friendly churches where there is little to no Christina witness in the community with the goal of local Christian leadership who will continue to reach their neighbours.

More about The Poons:

In 2010 our home church (NDCCCS) decided to start an Easy English Ministry, to outreach to international students at the nearby Macquarie University. Perhaps if it was started as a Mandarin ministry, neither one of us may have volunteered to participate as neither of us were proficient in Mandarin (nor are we now). But as it was, God led us independently to get involved in what would be our first real taste of cross-cultural ministry. Over the next 2-3 years, we experienced the joy of evangelising students predominately from Mainland China while serving alongside brothers & sisters from the Cantonese congregations.

We are a family of four, Andrew, Sarah, Elijah and Hudson. After we left for Australia in January this year, we went to Singapore for Orientation for a month and landed in Taiwan in February 2023.

Our Financial Commitment:

5 years mission term in Taiwan

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