Jesus Power Evangelistic Mission International (JPEM)

About Jesus Power Evangelistic Mission International (JPEM)

Main Outreach Focus:
Mass Evangelism



Reach out to unreached, disciple and commission them to reach out to others (Kenya)


More about JPEM:

When our previous pastor, Rev Lim Kim Bew, went to Kenya to teach at a Baptist college, he connected with a young student, Fred Indangasi. Pastor Fred has a passion and the gifting of an evangelist to bring the gospel to the crowds. ESCCC has helped with donations to cover the cost of mass rallies/crusades (including buying a van when Fred washere to make an appeal). In recent years, JPEM has asked for ESCCC to help fund the cost of buying land and putting up a low cost structure that will serve as a building for one of its newly planted churches. Fred has visited ESCCC twice to share and to be prayed/affirmed. Members have responded generously.


Our Financial Commitment:

Sponsoring and encouraging JPEM to further in their mission work and spreading of the Gospel in Africa.

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