The Origins Story : The Origins of Marriage (Gen 2:4-25)

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Genesis is the backdrop for the whole bible. It is the book about origins and it also provides the foundation for many of the great themes and doctrines that run right throughout the Old and New Testament. A correct/biblical understanding of Creation and Genesis is fundamental to our Christian belief & how we live because Genesis is not just a story of the past, it is about you and I in Creation. Above all, it is about the Gracious & Merciful God reaching out to us and drawing our attention back to Him through His creation.
Moses did not write Genesis as a scientific book but to remind the Israelites that the God now guiding them towards the Promised Land-is the same God whom their forefathers worshipped and believe as the God of all Creation, the God whom they must also worship likewise, and NONE other.
His powerful opening sentence is a precise and a concise statement of fact.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (1:1) declaring:  God exists, God creates, the whole universe came about by a deliberate act of the Creator and all this creation happened at some point in time-in the beginning.
The Evolutionists demand scientific evidence for the Biblical Creation account, but they are still unable to produce conclusive scientific evidence for their numerous missing links.
Some are attempting to harmonise the Bible with the modern “scientific” theories.
But for all Christians, there can be no neutrality when it comes to acknowledging Christ as Saviour and Christ as the Creator. To deny Him as the Creator is to deny Him as the rightful ruler and judge of this universe and to diminish the full glory and honour that our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon Him.
The Creator has a claim on the creation. He is the intelligent and the intentional designer. It was planned even before the foundation of the world (2Tim 1:9).  When God spoke, creation happened. And so there is purpose and meaning in life, for all life came from Him.
As Isaiah (45:18) reminded us: “…it is you who created the heavens…it is you who fashioned the heavens and made the earth, is you who formed it to be inhabited AND you alone is the Lord and God and there is NO Other!   The Apostle Paul could testify to this, “Ever since the creation of the world, his invisible nature, namely his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made.” (Rom 1:20)
Look at the eclipses, said Charles Spurgeon (English preacher). “They are a part of God’s Plan in Creation and this is how God governs the earth.” All things that God has created, whether they be light or whether they be dark, have a sermon for us. God will continue to reveal Himself to us today through His Creation, in every circumstance, be it in sunshine or in thunderstorm.