The Gospel of God: God’s Power – God’s Judgement (Romans 1:1-16)

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After announcing God’s wrath is revealed in judgement against the sinful people because the sinful people is guilty of rejecting God in Chapter 1 (18-32) Paul is continuing his argument in chapter 2 but addresses the group of people who pass judgement on others and yet do the same thing. Paul describes the dilemma they face, they too will be judged. But God is patient and holds back His judgement because He is not willing for us to perish. 

Verse 4 shows us that God’s goodness and forbearance is intended to lead you to repentance. Instead we can see that it’s leading people to more contempt. Verse 6 “God will repay each person according to what they have done”. Nothing will escape God’s sight. Action, intention, motivation all will be called to make an account and all will be accounted for. When God judges it is fair. But most people don’t really see God as being good or fair. Most people wonder how God can be so bad to let certain things happen. “How can God allow that?”, “God that’s not fair.” When things don’t go our way, we blame God. When disaster struck we blame God. If you have ever think for one moment that God is unjust, you simply reveal how easy it is to abuse the goodness of God. 

Lastly in verses 12 to 16 Paul wants to make it clear that there is no special consideration for people when it comes to judgement. It is either you’re righteous or you’re not. You’re either sinless or you have sinned. There is no in between. It is not good enough to say you have some good in you, or to say you have heard or understood the law, or that you have the law. All will be judged by Jesus – who is the only appropriate judge for he is the only one who has met and can keep the standard, Jesus is the only sinless one and is able to judge justly even the secret things of man. 

The solution that Paul hints at which is going to be revealed in the rest of Romans and in all scripture, is the gospel of Jesus who is the righteous one of God. Jesus is sinless. None of us have persisted in doing good and seeking God’s glory except for Jesus. The reason why Jesus suffered on the cross is because he is taking the judgement of sinners upon himself. The wrath and anger of God for our sins with or without the law are upon Jesus. God is both the judge as well as the justifier. Jesus who know no sins died for our sins. But it didn’t just end there, we didn’t end up with a dead saviour. By the power of the Holy Spirit He was raised for our justification. For those who believe in him. When God comes to judge us, he will see the righteousness of Christ, and his persistence in doing good even ti death on the cross will be upon us, and that’s why we are given eternal life – as a gift. 

There are only 2 ways to face judgement. Either you face judgement by yourself or face judgement in Jesus Christ. If you reject Jesus as Lord and Savior, chooses not to acknowledge God and remain unrepentant you’ll be judged in accordance with the full knowledge of God’s law. God is very fair, you’re destined for hell. You will be judged, You will perish. If you believe and you receive Christ, He gives you the capacity to produce righteous deeds. And when the day comes God will see the record of a righteous life and know that such a life could only be the product of the indwelling presence of the living Christ and grant you eternal life. 

Elder Lawrence Yong