The Gospel of God: God’s Love (Romans 5:1-11)

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1. God’s Love is Active (Romans 5:6-8)
2. God’s Love Surpasses (Romans 5:9-10)
3. God’s Love Compels (Romans 5:1-5,11)


When we look at the world around us – it is clear to see the world values loves. Shows such as the Bachelor, Love Island and If You are the One reveals to us that human love is emotional and superficial.


In contrast to this, Romans 5 reveals how different God’s love is. In Romans 5:6-6, we see God’s Love is active – seen by Jesus dying on the cross for us while we were still sinners. Paul examines how out of the ordinary this all is by comparing how someone would rarely consider dying for a righteous person, let alone an enemy. Yet God does just this, choosing to love us when we were his enemies.


The passage further explores God’s love. In verse 9 and 10, we see are challenged that if we were saved when enemies of God, how much more will we gain now that we have been reconciled. This surpasses the expectation of an ungodly person being justified. God’s love exceeds all our human understanding – now that we are reconciled, how much more shall we be saved by his life.


But how should we be responding to such acts of Love and sacrifice?


The passage highlights the transformative nature of God’s Love. When we understand what it means to be loved by God, our heart changes and our attitudes changed. We are compelled to rejoice – even in our suffering. This concept is so counter-cultural. We rejoice, even when we are suffering. The world tells us that when we suffer, we should just be sad, to be angry, to think life is unfair and cruel.

But Romans 5 reminds us how God has shown is love – and that empowers us to change our attitudes even when life is seemingly at its toughest. Our suffering isn’t purposeless, no, instead it produces character and ultimately hope. A hope that we too will share in the Glories of our Lord and Saviour. We rejoice in our sufferings.


Human love is emotional and superficial. God’s love is indescribable and supernatural. Ask, pray, read what God has done for you – as his love surpasses anything we can experience.


Anthony Yoon