Mission Sunday: Life Transforming Partnership with FOR BETTER LIFE FOUNDATION (FBLF), Thailand(Isa 53:v4-6, v10-11; Matt 6:9-11; 2 Cor 9:6-7)

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1)  The community of ESCCC  is called by God to store up treasures in heaven (Mt 6: 19-21.) . In 2 Cor 9: 6-7, Paul urges the Corinthian Christians to give generously and cheerfully to the work of God.

2)  I have the privilege of promoting “WHY  For Better Life Foundation” deserve our support and  partnership.
      2.1) They have Clear Vision  Purpose Driven Mission Strategies.
      2.2) The leaders  are Christian Thai nationals, who are culturally and linguistically relevant
      2.3) Their Mission work are highly Cost-Effective. They have no visa problems.
      2.4) Their partnership with the convicting work of the Holy Spirit are very strong.
      2.5) Their  Evangelistic programs reaches to both rural and city population of 60 millions.

3)   Evidence of Effective Strategy Programs :
      3.1) Five Children’s Homes and Orphanages. They “rescued 210 vulnerable children from very poor tribal communities from being “sold” as sex slaves in sex industries.
      3:2)  Maitreejit Chrsitian School :  304 children from displaced tribes and Children’s Homes are enrolled in the MCS. Dr Alan and Jolie Heng, members of ESCCC,  have poured their life savings into building a High School, to install classrooms for Year 11 and 12. There is a shortage of  A$40,000.  Is there a Generous Giver to store up treasures in heaven?
      3:3) Every Home for Christ, Thailand (EHCT) :  Their effective evangelistic programs cover Prison Ministry; Children ministry, Door to Door Outreach. Every Home and Family won for Christ is transformed into a House Church through Discipleship and Pastoral Training.  This is a highly effective way of planting new house churches.
      3:4 ) Creator Church :   7 Churches have been planted with 785 members coming from displaced tribes and ex-prisoners.  Each church is being equipped with Discipleship and Pastoral Training.
      3:5) Thai Media Ministry (in Partnership With Trans World Radio): This Evangelistic tool has reaped immense responses from listeners from Mountain villages, Muslims-dominated regions.  47 Radio Stations beaming Bible Stories and Messages in every half-hour broadcasts cover an immense populations residing in many regions.

How can we Support ?

A)  ESCCC can be engaged in  Earnest corporate prayers 
B)  Adopt a Community Church
C)  Sponsor a child through University / Bible College @A$550 pa.
D)  Support the completion of the high school building.
E)  Pray and anoint the members of the short term mission.

Pastor Kim