Prayers of Paul (Col 1:3-14; 1Tim 2:1-2; Rom 11:33-36)

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Prayers of Paul

Col 1:3-14; 1Tim 2:1-2; Rom 11:33-36

Mr Jack Mock

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Prayers of Paul

Col 1:3-14; 1Tim 2:1-2; Rom 11:33-36

What is prayer? Two-way communication.
Paul’s prayers often were congregational prayers as he wrote to various churches.
Our prayer quite often reveals our Doctrine of God or how we treat God
ACTS A = adoration, C= confession, T = thanksgiving; S = supplication or intercession is a good model to follow

1. Col 1:3-14
Both a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession. He prays for spiritual wisdom and understanding and to be empowered. Paul constantly prays with joy and thanksgiving

2. 1 Tim 2: 1-2
An encouragement to pray for all people and especially for kings and those in authority; requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving.

3. Romans 11:33-36
A doxology prayer, an exclamation of the sovereignty of God and not knowing all his mysterious ways of working in our lives and in the world. A confession of humility and that his ways is not always our ways

Concluding with the familiar Trinitarian blessing or doxology from 2 Cor 13:14.


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Mr Jack Mock


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