RSVP to Jesus’ Birthday: All I Want For Christmas Is… (Matthew 2:13-23)

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RSVP to Jesus' Birthday: All I Want For Christmas

Matthew 2:13-23

Mr Jimmy Kuswadi

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RSVP To Jesus' Birthday: All I Want For Christmas is...

Matthew 2:13-23

Let’s see how 2 different people answered that question: Joseph the husband of Mary, and king Herod.


  • Mary’s husband
  • was a righteous man – Matt 1:19
  • 1st dream – Matt 1:20
  • 2nd dream – Matt 2:13
  • 3rd dream – Matt 2:19
  • 4th dream – Matt 2:22

What Joseph wanted for Christmas was for God to be No. 1

King Herod the Great:

  • great builder including temple in Jerusalem
  • was an Idumean, made king y Rome
  • reigned from 37 – 4 BC
  • killed numerous people including family members


  • 6th Commandment: You shall not murder… but anyone who is angry… will be subject to judgement Matt 5:21,22
  • First go and be reconciled – Matt 5:24
  • In your anger fo not sin – Eph 4:26

What Herod wanted for Christmas was to be No. 1 for his whole life


God’s faithfulness; 3 fulfilments:

  • v15 quoting Hosea 1:1
  • v18 quoting Jeremiah 31:15
  • v23 quoting unnamed prophet


  • For non-Christians:
    • Accept Jesus and make Him No. 1
    • Start by asking someone to read the Bible with you
  • For Christians
    • Is He No. 1 in all areas of our life?
    • Humbly review our priorities
    • Spend more time with Him each day

Making God No. 1 is not easy

Jesus is the ultimate example of making God No. 1



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