RSVP to Jesus’ Birthday: The Wise Men of the East (Matthew 2: 1-12)

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RSVP to Jesus' Birthday: The Wise Men of the East

Matthew 2:1-12

Mr Jimmy Kuswadi

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Sermon Outline

RSVP To Jesus' Birthday: The Wise Men of The East

Matthew 2:1-12

Synopsis: compare the decisions made by the wise men and the chief priests and teachers of the law at that first Christmas.

What decision we should make this Christmas?
Decisions of the chief priests and teachers of the Law:
  • Did not teach God’s word to the people
  • Did not care about the new King


Like the chief priests and the teachers of the Law, we know God’s word but not the people around us.

  1. Tell others that Jesus was born so they can have eternal life if they believe in Him
  2. Is God reminding you to do something?

Decision of the wise men:

Remarkable because:

  • they were gentiles
  • they lived far, far away
  • travelling cost a lot of money
  • travelling was not easy
  • didn’t come empty handed

Aim of the wise men: v2 – we have come to worship Him

Result: v11 – they bowed down and worshipped Him.


Is God asking you to make one, big, costly decision?

The biggest decision in the whole Christmas story:

The Triune God sending Jesus to earth to be our Saviour.

Homework for the next 2 weeks

  1. Tell the good news to others
  2. Read Matthew 2:13-23 throughtfully and write down any questions


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RSVP to Jesus' Birthday: The Shepherds

Luke 2:1-21

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