Don’t Forget to give Thanks (Lk 17: 17-19, Psa 103 : 1-5)

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God’s Word declares : “ Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases”. For his forgiving our sins and healing all our disease, we have much to thank God.

King David is a man after God’s own heart. Though he was hunted down by king Saul all his life, he experienced God’s mercy and grace in protecting him. He wrote numerous psalms in praise and thankfulness to Jehovah God. He never forget to thank his God for all the benefits God showered on him.

God has forgiven our sins in Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross for us. Yet many of us
have a weakness to forget to thank him. Forgetting to be consistently thankful to God robs us the opportunity of being intimately close to him. We honour him when we choose to remember to thank him in word or in songs ( Eph 5 : 18-20 )

Family can honour God in a powerful way when they gather regularly to remember what great things God has done for them. Sadly not many Christian families gather in having Family Devotionals to declare what great things God has done. God provides their children with education, nourishments and careers. God provides parents with jobs, financial resources and homes. Here is a lovely cliché “a family that prays together stays firmly together”. Families suffer dysfunctions when there is no occasion for thanksgiving. Family joy and cohesion suffer when there is ruled by criticisms, dissensions, factions and complaining. Adopt a turning point in the New Year. Let God be honoured in the home. Let the family members be grateful for what God blesses them.

God loves his church . Christ died for the church , He delights in blessing his church. A church that regularly practices thankfulness to God is a happy and joyous church. A church that affirm its members with gratitude for their caring deeds with it deserves to attract more new comers.

This world is devoid of people who show sincere gratitude for good deeds done for others. ESCCC is a caring vibrant church . The members work hard to be like Barnabas who cares and encourages others. This is one powerful reason why our numbers grow . We want to thank all members who sacrificially care and lead each ministry group in our church.

God honours us when we honour Jesus.

Thank the Lord O my soul .. and forget not his all his benefits.


Pastor Kim Bew Lim