5 reasons not to recoil but to rejoice at Jesus’ resurrection! ​

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My brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be unapologetic, unashamed, unwavering in our message to this world. Jesus is Risen! 

In 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 Paul tries to show the church in Corinth the consequences of Jesus not rising from the dead. If there is no such thing as resurrection as some of them say, then not even Jesus was raised from the dead, and if this is true then we are all in a world of pain. 

Paul argues that: 
1. his preaching and all preaching is useless, 
2. their faith is futile, 
3. they are still in their sins, 
4. the dead are lost, and
5. of all people Christians are to be most pitied. 

The Christian life is literally a dead means to a dead end if Jesus remained dead. The preaching of Jesus crucified is not good news if he remained dead – at best it would be bitter sweet seeing how virtuous and nobly he went to die, at worst it would be horrible seeing your proclaimed Lord and Saviour die. But there is a resurrection, he rose from the dead, he is alive, even to this day!! It is good news indeed!! 

Preaching is powerful because it declares the life and works of Jesus – both his death and his resurrection. Faith is powerful because it trusts in Jesus, the one who has power even over death. Sins become powerless because they have been forgiven and accounted for in Jesus. Death becomes powerless because it has been overcome by Jesus who is the first of all his people to be raised from the dead. The dead will live and never die again!! And the Christian has pity not on themselves but on the world that doesn’t know true life after death. 

Who do you have pity on? What will you do?

Youth Pastor Boon Guo